About me

Hi I'm Ziyad,

I am a Digital Architect from the Maldives. I am always learning about internet marketing, and I believe I am one of the few people who creates Virtual Marketing Funnels (VMF), VMF Campaigns, and Marketing Automation for small businesses in the Maldives.

I have always enjoyed browsing the "about me" pages of others so that I can learn more about them and what they are up to.

Here, I will try to give you a little information about me:

I am almost 40 and I live with my wife and daughters in the Maldives.
I am learning as much as I can about digital marketing.
Lately, I have been learning more about funnels, marketing automation, and behavior-based campaigns.
I am interested in teaching others about the models and practices I have learned over the years.
I am in many different circles where they share cutting-edge information, and I plan to share that information with our community and through some PAID courses and coaching programs.

Some might not be a good fit to what I'm offering, so here are things you can't expect from me...

I'm not perfect
I don't have all the answers
I can't make you rich. In fact no one can. You have to work for it. So I will not help those who have this mentality. The "GET RICH QUICK" mentality. If you're one of them, go look for help from someone else. I'm not the guy.
Knowledge will not help you achieve anything. Lack of inaction will kill your time. If you're after knowledge ONLY,  and have no plans to become LASER FOCUSED and take MASSIVE ACTION, you're not going to be able to work with me. PERIOD.
If you're going to look for shortcut methods, I'm not the guy for you. Coz easy shortcuts won't last for long and you have to keep looking for new shortcuts again and again to build your business. We can only work with long-term, hard to implement stuff. If you're up for this, then we can talk.

Are You Still With Me...

Here Is What You can expect from me

we share tips, strategies, and cool actionable steps
we share some of the marketing tests results, and some indications as to what do's and don'ts we encountered during tests
special offers, deals,  challenges, courses and trainings online and offline that will help your digital part of the business

Here is What I specifically Help You With

creating virtual marketing funnel for your business
creating marketing automation for your business
creating viral marketing campaigns
courses, trainings, webinar and other events that will cover the skills required to implement digital marketing and business related stuff 
group and private coaching classes

the process

my coaching process

we will identify your skills, knowledge and business needs and we will categorize to relevant group.

92% basics and fundaments coaching...
85% the build process coaching...
77% marketing coaching...
73% next level coaching...

Your Next Steps

Read some of the articles from the blog. If you liked it, GREAT.

Next step would be to join one of our courses/training programs.

Start with...

join and engage in our discord community
read some of our blog articles
join challenges we launch 
join basics courses/trainings of your interest
join group coaching programs
join one-on-one coaching programs

Check if there are available slots for group coaching and one-on-one coaching sessions. Also, check if you QUALIFY or not. Not everyone gets accepted for this.

It's good to have you here. Cheers

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Our vision and mission is to build a digital entrepreneur industry in the Maldives. To reach 1000+ students in the digital marketing/business industry from the Maldives. Who have active business online by the end of 2025. And reach 5k students by the end of 2030.

Support us, help us reach these goals. 

You guys/gals are awesome.